En cas de choc anaphylactique


Gilbert Mueller, fondateur de Biocaresystème

Gilbert Muller

 Inventor of the B.CSA

I am allergic to wasp stings. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized three times in an emergency following such bites.

How was B.CSA born ?

Following my last wasp sting, I fortunately had my Epipen and cellphone with me. After administering adrenaline, I tried to call for help using my phone, but nothing worked. Lying on the ground with swollen hands, I struggled to breathe, but my phone refused to unlock. Neither my voice nor my fingerprints were recognized, and I found it difficult to remember the access code.

In a final effort, I attempted to call for help, but my vocal abilities were weakened. I managed to crawl to the side of the road, where thankfully, my wife spotted me and quickly drove me to the emergency room. Once again, I narrowly escaped the worst. The next day at the hospital, my daughter expressed the need for me to invent a system to prevent a recurrence, as even with my cellphone, I couldn't get the necessary help. Her words deeply moved me, leading to the creation of B.CSA, not just for myself but also for all allergy sufferers who understand that anaphylactic shock can be fatal...

B.CSA à déjà remporté 2 prix 

gagant du concours aha award 2022 - gagant centre d'allergie suisse

aha!award - 2022

B.CSA a gagné le 1er prix du concours AWARD organisé par le centre allergique Suisse

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Prix à l'innovation broyard - 2021

Nous avons gagné le 2ème prix qui nous a été remis par le Préfet de la Broye Monsieur Nicolas Kilchoer

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